How do we choose our addresses?

Our selection


This site recommends restaurants throughout the Aix area and in south Luberon. Why these selections? Essentially because they are dedicated to the creation of primarily “home-made” cuisine and have been tested by keen palates.

To that selection of restaurants we have also added artisans and food merchants, wine cellars and wine and/or olive oil estates, renowned by their peers for the quality of their work, their products and the services that they offer.

You can find all our partners in the hard copy of our guide. What these partners have in common is their passion and proven expertise.

Enjoy your search and consider recommending the Guide Sésame!
Charles Coppola


The labels


All restaurants mentioned on this site and in our guide have undertaken a commitment to primarily “home-made” (faite maison)
cuisine according to the criteria defined in the Consumer law of 17 May 2014 and the decree of 11 July 2014, modified on 7 May 2015.

En savoir plus sur la mention "Fait Maison"




Restaurants labelled 13 Tables (Tables 13) are dedicated to creating a cuisine inspired by Provence, Camargue and the Mediterranean,
made on-site, primarily promoting fresh, in season and local produce.




The title of Master Restaurateur (Maître Restaurateur) guarantees that the entirety of a restaurant’s menu is home-made from raw ingredients all received essentially fresh.
The title of Master Restaurateur is the only one granted by the state to French restaurants.





The label Vineyards & Discoveries (Vignobles & Découvertes) received in May 2013 by the region of Aix relates to hospitality, availability and counsel.
Members bearing that label are true local ambassadors who offer in all seasons the opportunity to have an experience around wine, gastronomy and culture.